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The Realty program provides professional land management services on Native trust or restricted properties in Hoonah and the traditional homelands of the Xunaa, including Excursion Inlet, Glacier Bay, and North Chichagof Island (Insert Map Graphic Link).  

Realty Program Eligibility Requirements   

  • Must be tribally enrolled or demonstrate proof of eligibility for tribal enrollment in a federally recognized tribe, or have a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB).  

  • Must own or have a potential interest in a trust or restricted townsite or Native allotment in our jurisdiction.   

  • Ownership is acquired in accordance with the 1906 Native Allotment Act or 1926   Native Townsite Act.  

What is Restricted Land 

Restricted Title Properties is land that is subject to restrictions against sale or conveyance without the approval of the BIA.  Owners of restricted land cannot sell, lease, or otherwise transfer their land, or inherited interest without the approval of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). 

Realty Services available 

Probate: works to appropriately transfer estates to heirs of restricted landowners. 

Land Transactions: works to comply with federal requirements for gift deeds, removal of land restrictions and selling of restricted lands. 

Rights Protection: works to advocate for land owners, primarily over trespass issues. 

Appraisals: works to derive monetary values on land parcels. 

Environmental quality: works to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). 

Archaeology: works to comply with federal requirements on land sales, leases, and changes of status of restricted Indian lands by identifying and protecting Alaska Native heritage resources. 

Advocacy for Native allotment owners: Includes work on land issues such as the Native Veterans Allotment Act. 

Realty services are provided free of charge to eligible Native landowners. 



Community Development Department | Realty Program 

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