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The Enrollment office establishes eligibility and officially enrolls eligible persons as citizens of Hoonah Indian Association. Enrollment applications are reviewed and acted on by our Tribal Enrollment Committee and our Tribal Council. 

Tribal Enrollment applications are available as PDF documents to download from our site. Click the document links below to access the form needed.  

DOCUMENTS <links to forms> 

  • Enrollment Ordinance 
  • Enrollment Application 

  • Relinquishment Form 

  • Relinquishment of a Minor Form 

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood Application 


** Coming Soon **   

Tribal Photo ID cards: HIA will soon be adding the capability for issuing enrolled citizens a tribal photo ID card which identifies their eligibility for services, programs, and benefits.  Citizens are encouraged to update their contact information. 



Enrollment Services 

Local: 907.945.3545 | Fax: 907.945.3703 | email: <TBD>